Mobile teams

I.S.P.S. Security is since 2011 "Green", Silent, effectively and operate more efficiently.

I.S.P.S. Security is the first security company in Aruba which offer these services to her business and private market. A number of advantages by using the Trikke:

⇒ Green therefore environmentally friendly.
Fast and highly manoeuvrable.
Energy saving for the security officer.
Great radius and easy to use.
Safe, the security officer will be standing and therefor has a better overview.
The Trikke fits through small streets where a car can not go.
The Trikke can not be deterred by poles or bollards in the road.
By this way of moving, there is better contact with the public.
Silently driving, besites the silently the security officer can hear, smells and looks more.

Because of the many advantages of this environmentally friendly vehicle, the protector has thereon many advantage in a biker. A security officer may be combined with the Trikke or save her energy to occur in a conflict or threat of escalation. Not only are these new means of transport environmentally friendly and fast, but because the Trikke is quieter than a car, our teams can be used well during eg watch surveillance but also:

  • High & Lowrise hotel area
  • Events
  • Port Facility Security
  • Airport Security
  • Harbor security
  • Surveillance
  • Shopping center

This is just a small sample of the many possibilities. If you would like more information about our services, you can contact us for a free call and we will provide you with the possibilities