Mobile & Alarm Services.

International Security & Protection Services, the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean, offers her clients the option for very professional services.
We believe in mobile services provide by our K9 unit (doghandler & well-trained patrol dog).
There is always a back-up by one of our professional trained and certified patroldogs.
We provide mobiles services where one doghandlers serves multiple, home and business, clients within a limited geographical area.
Our mobile services can provide beach patrol, call-out services even as opens and closes business premises.

Why surveillance by a doghandler:
In addition to a standard mobile service, provide by a single security guard, we prefer a team of dog handler and their patrol dog for our purpose.
Our dog handlers do not just drive around but provide a professional surveillance and observation from their vehicles and will also patrol by foot, always have a patrol dog by their side.
Due to their experience at work, they are very passionate about observing and working with their patrol dogs therefor they can detect irregularities faster.
ISPS Caribbean 

Alarm services:
Nothing is more annoying when an security officer (without a patroldog) arrives at a property and there is the possibility that a suspect is still present at the location.
Our doghandlers can take immediate steps and are directly connected to a control room of the clients choice.
If necessary the doghandler can call the contact person to take measures so that the damage can be limited and your work can continue as normal.

The advantages of our services:
By using the highly developed senses of our patrol dogs as in hearing, eyesight and smell sentence, an unauthorized person can be detected faster and easier.
Not only can they be discovered faster but they will be interfere in their activities, including the potential damage can be therefor significantly reduced.

More information, contact our office and our specialist will inform you.