As of July 1, 2004, there is worldwide in all seaports introduced a new international regulations is one of the causes of the attacks on September 11the, 2001. This new regulation pertains to the security in all national and international ports and on board of ships.

Security officers employed by companies located in the port area are subject to stricter requirements. They are required to have the port security certificate (including ISPS Code) in addition to their aditional diploma or training in security.

Our employees are beside the certified port security officer certificate (including ISPS Code) also holder of a First Aid (including Automatic External Defibrillator) and VCA (safety, health and environment).

I.S.P.S. Security
supplies to carry out its services in the field of port security and is able, depending on the project, to provide its services in all ports.

I.S.P.S. Security
has the ability, ISPS-compliant companies and other port companies, to be helpful in realizing their security goals. 


I.S.P.S. Security has, in addition to the deployment of security guards, the possibility for the use of detection dogs Explosives and Narcotics.
Not only are our detection dog teams capable of detecting explosives, but our dog handlers are also being capable to provide a proper follow-up as they are certified bombscouts IED