Crime scene

Crime scene:
When we say "Enschede fireworks", "Bijlmer disaster", "Flight 1951 runway", "fire at Chemiepack Moerdijk" but also the many crimes in the world are the order of the day.
Most often, after a crime, the government does not have enough manpower to monitor the crime scene in the intervening times of the investigation. These days they prefer to use our teams to keep the area free from unwanted visitors.
In consultation with the Crime Scene Investigators (SCI) being calculated whether it should be monitored by one or more officers or, as in many serious cases, by one or more dog handlers. A combination of these two types of services is also an option.
 PLaats delict
In addition to a Crime Scene (CS) there may be situations where you do need immediate security or other services.
We are thinking of cases of:
  • A fire,
  • Fire of a employee,
  • Burglary with a lot of damage,
  • Failure alarm systems,
  • But also filling up other services and more unforeseen issues.

How will you solve these "problems" ?

We offer you a solution to your problem.
We are available 24 hours a day.
The commitment of our patrol dog teams can replaces 2 or 3 security guards besides this they can be cheaper and faster at a location.

Our emergency services can also be provided for colleague organizations that can use extra security officers, dog handlers, traffic controlers and other services due to unforeseen circumstances