Aviation & Airports

At an airport there is activity 24 hours a day like passengers, employees, suppliers and the supply of the plains to air transportation. People's safety is paramount, not only in and around the airport building, on the platform but also on the access roads and during the flight. In addition to many airports with sustained terrorist threat. Safety and security requirements are therefore constantly sharpened. Hospitality should hereby certainly not be forgotten

For airports, we provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions that strengthen people and technology, such as:
  • Proactive security: 24/7 presence of proactive security employees who early signaling abnormalities and by preventing adequate follow-up incidents.
  • Security combined with hospitality: a security officer who also gives out a serves as host / hostess and can help answer questions and giving directions.
  • Access Control: for identifying, verifying and registering passengers and employees.
  • Checking travel documents, baggage baggage and flight search.
  • Control of air safety and explosives by using our Explosive detection dogs.
  • Hospitality: We hereby provide a hospitable environment for passengers, visitors and suppliers.