Preventive observation (PreOb)

As the name of this service all want to clarify, these are preventive observation (Pre-Obs) and can, for example, be used to threaten persons or companies, the threat of kidnapping, extortion, fraud and more.
Preventive Observation (Pre-Obs) aims at recognizing threats at the earliest possible stage and taking action here.

By observate as inconspicuous as possible to your opponent problems can be avoided.

Every organized crime against you or your family is preceded by thorough preparation and observation. The perpetrators will observe you or your family regularly and for longer periods to obtain a fullest picture of your activities.

Preventive observation is often used in combination with Close Protection Officer.
In fact, the determination of circumstances is based on objective observations.
Of course, all of this is done in accordance with regulations and compliance with privacy laws.
In agreement with you, as a client, you will then be properly tuned in how to use preventive observation so that you are, as little as possible, affected in your personal situation.

Obviously this services will be provide to you in inconspicuous vehicles.



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