K9 Unit of I.S.P.S. Security

No security officer impresses more than a well-trained patrol dog and most likely replaces two regular security officers.
Dog handler is a specialized direction within the Safety & Security product group. The people trained for this are therefore well prepared within this level and are very multidimensional.

We have well-trained dog handlers who are characterized by a professional view and a passion for working with their patrol dogs. Within our K9 unit we have:

The teams

Due to the preventive presence, our patrol dogs are a great advantage such as; during events, security of a crime scene (PD) and the security of buildings and construction sites during the night, but certainly also during the day.
Thanks to the very well-developed senses of the dog in combination with his handler, they are of great value in the Safety & Security industry.

The patrol dogs of I.S.P.S. Security consists of teams, dog handlers with their own certified patrol dogs.
Our teams are, according to the Dutch law, certified by the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association (KNPV) and / or the Dutch Association for the Patrol Dog (NBvdD)

Our teams work closely with the local police and if necessary to support their services.

I.S.P.S. Security
does not only has a permit as organisation from the Dutch Ministry of Security & Justice, but also every employee has been approved by screening of this justice department before it they start to work.

Patrol dogs

The preventive presence during calamities our certified patrol dogs teams are a big advantage as at events, the security of buildings not only by day time but certainly during the nightly hours.

Thanks to the excellent senses of the dogs, a team of human and dog are of great value during these services.

Because the doghandlers work with dogs that they own and beeing a team 24/7 they form a solid duo who can perform the following tasks:

  • Crime scene (PD)
  • Collective security projects,
  • Events (setting up, during the event and taking down),
  • Exhibitions,
  • Sports and music events,
  • Bankruptcies and seizures,
  • Construction, demolition and renovation projects,
  • Mobile Patrol,
  • Crowd management & Control,
  • Faster tracing and locating of unwanted visit by using the dog's senses,
  • Evacuations of eg squares and preventive presence during and after evacuation,
  • Provide Safety & Security of persons and their homes at an increased risk of any nature. For this we have specialists including special trained patrol dog (CPDH)


Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDD)

To add even more to the needs to satisfy our clients these teams can be used preventively. They are specially trained to locate different substances and to alert their handler for the presence of these substances in order to establish the absence of various substances.
In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have specially trained and certified teams to meet these needs.

With this step our company is the first in the Caribbean.

We hereby include thinking of:

  • Schools,
  • Transport companies,
  • Sports clubs,
  • Government institutions.
  • Private institutions,
  • Various indoor and outdoor events,


Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for people to try to make their displeasure clear by placing an improvised explosive for any reason.
A parcel, cargo, vehicles, private and public stitutions are a few of the vulnerable locations where regular prevent a bomb threat.
Since 1998 detecting explosives in the Netherlands is no longer a task that is being carried out exclusively by the EOD (Bomb Squads).
The amount of work that involve intensive search for explosives civilian companies may also perform this task.

Improvised explosives devices (IED) contain at least one of a number of basic explosives.
The certified Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) teams of I.S.P.S. Security have been trained to recognize and safely locate these basic substances.

By terrorist threat following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the demand for Bomb Scouts IED has increased.
The European certified Bombscouts Improvised Explosives of I.S.P.S. Security are able to perform a search independently and in combination with the Explosive Detection Dogs they are together a strong team.

Our certified Explosive Detection Dogs can be used by:

  • Preventive searches for improvised explosives ("bomb checks");
  • Searches in response to bomb threats;
  • Specific searches for fireworks, weapons and / or ammunition;
  • Cargo controls.

More information, contact our office and our specialist will inform you.