Close Protection (CPO)

Close Protection Officer / Bodyguard
The demand for well-trained Close Protection Officers / Bodyguard is growing by the day.
Increasingly prominent figures including artists, councilors, board members, but also their families are targeted by criminals. As a result the demand for personal protection is increasing.
Even non-business related persons are increasingly contacting our specialist for this highly well-trained specialists.

Adequate, attentive, alert and unobtrusive.
This is the best way to describe our approach to protecting people.
Our team of Close Protection Officers / Bodyguards are, in addition to the required Dutch certificate and extensive National and International experience, in possession of an IBSSA certificate.
This certificate is Internationally recognized and indicates that the CPO has completed a full training course in which it has passed both National and International training courses.
Not only have they completed the education and training, but through their experiences and further additional training they are also trainers for many Close Protection Officers and have more than earned their spurs, National and International, in the last 30 years.

International Bodyguard & Security Services Association (IBSSA).
The IBSSA is the leading international training in personal security (Close Protection / Bodyguards) with operations in more than 111 countries which are spread throughout the world.
In contrast to a single theoretical training in the Netherlands for Close Protection Officers the strict training of the IBSSA has a theoretical and a practical part which is given in the Netherlands and abroad.

International Security & Protection Services, as a member of the IBSSA of Hungary and the Netherlands, may offer its services with highly trained Close Protection Officers / Bodyguards.

Our CPO's can be at your services nationally and internationally.

Extra addition to Close Protection / (CPDH)
In addition to protecting people, some of our specialists have an extension to this specific specialty. There are several possibilities, which we will discuss after a risk assessment, with our “future” clients.

One of our Close Protection Officers has earn his position within this special service as CPO and as CPHD ...... Read more.

More information, contact our office and our specialist will inform you.