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International Security & Protection Services is a professional, reliable and no-nonsense organization with over 35 years experience and its deliberate choice of a format for a solution known as "One-stop shop" partner for your safety.

International Security & Protection Services, commonly known as I.S.P.S. Security, is an internationally operating security organization with passion for the job, and in particular the use of our own patrol, search & dection dogs.

In addition to the many years of experience in training different dogs within different types of programs, there are more than 200 Close Protection Officers (CPO) educated and trained by Mr. P. Huizinga.
In addition to these highly educated and trained CPO's, many security guards have started their own career after being educated and some even trained, on various levels and a great result, by Mr. P. Huizinga.

Ms. A. Huizinga has at the very beginning, begin 80's, started to train dogs in the form of agillity and obedience. Not much later she came into contact with the training of police dogs.
This hobby has resulted in working with these dogs. She was the first female bombscout IED within the private security industry.

Besides training and working with their own patrol dogs they train their own detection dogs to detect various substances, including narcotics (drugs) and explosives.

Besides their own dogs, they can and are ready, upon request, also:
- Help dogs (pets) and owners with their problems,
- Train dogs (pets) and owners agillity and obedience
- Train detection dogs and their handlers (private security & law enforcement) ,
- Train patrol and/or police dogs and their handlers (private security & law enforcement).

Within our website you will find limited information about our services, in addition to our services, you can soon find some of the Training & Education part of the website.
I.S.P.S. Security is an organization that, through experience in it's field of expertise, can provide a complete solution for its (future) clients with almost any security issue.

** We do not train pets within our program for security purpose

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